App Development


What is app Development

App Development is the process to create applications for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. By Developers, it is developed for IOS and Android mostly. It can be downloaded from the app store and it can be accessed through a web browser also. Languages like JAVA, HTML 5, C#, Swift is used for App Development

Elements like screen size, configurations, Hardware specifications are considered by the developer while building the app. To provide a user fast, clean, and easy user interface, it is necessary that each mobile element should come together.

Choosing a platform for App Development

There are two very famous platforms of applications, Android and IOS. Android platform is a very famous platform for Building application. Many app developers prefer the android platform compared to IOS. Because 70 percent of smartphones are running on android. The reason is google play store has fewer restrictions than the Apple store.

The platform for Application Development depends on the user’s intention. For example, you are developing an application for a company’s employee, who uses android mobiles, you will develop an app on the Android platform. And if the company’s employee is using an Apple phone, you will develop an app in IOS. However, sometimes you need to develop in both platforms at the same time. If clients use android phones and apple phones you need to develop app on both platforms.

Front End Development and Back End Development.

App Development process has two parts. Front End Development and Back End Development. Frontend Development focuses on how app will look while Back End Development Focuses how app will work. In Front End Development, developer works on application’s theme, images, style, presentation etc. While Back End developer works on site’s security, site performance, and user experience. Programming languages for Front End development and Back End development are also different. Front End development uses JAVA, HTML, CSS. While Back End development is done through PHP, Python, Node.js.

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